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Road Tendril 4.10 WP

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Tendril 4.10 is a fully waterproof handlebar bagIt can be mounted with both Drop Bar and MTB handlebars. 

Technical specifications

  • Black 210 nylon fabric covered in PVC phthalate-free 30,000 water columns;
  • Reinforcement fabric in nylon 420/ polyester 300 dotted with water-repellent polyurethane resin coating 10,000 water columns;
  • Tear-resistant with very high mechanical resistance;
  • Custom polypropylene straps, black/green and black colour;
  • Nylon plastic accessories;
  • The Tendril 4.10 bag is produced in Italy and certified according to Reach CE . 1097/2006


Diameter 14 cm
Min. width 27 cm
Max width 55 cm
Min volume 4 litres
Max volume 10 litres
Weight 240g

Suggestions for use

The Tendril 4.10 is designed to hold everything overnight.
Sleeping bag, mattress, inflatable cushion, clothing, extra food, etc.

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