Polar Ryanair UnderSeat Cabin Bag

SKU: 19082


Designed for the most intrepid travellers, Polar Ryanair UnderSeat Cabin Bag offers a versatile collection of carry-on options. From a backpack to a spacious wheeled bag, this collection suits various low-cost airlines like Vueling. Made with durable, water-resistant material, Polar ensures safe and comfortable transportation of belongings. Like polar bears, these bags are equipped with thick insulation, ready for any extreme adventure, whether it's a hike up a mountain or a stroll through the city. Embrace the spirit of adventure with Polar.

  • Travel bag with hand luggage measurements suitable for Ryanair and Vueling.
  • Reversed Polyester Material.
  • Water resistant.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Multiple handles.
  • Large top opening.
  • Front and back pocket.
  • Tape on the back to be able to attach to the suitcase mechanism.
  • Inverted zippers.

 40x 25x 20cm



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