Nickelodeon Kids Luggage PAW Patrol

SKU: 18996

This Nickelodeon kids' luggage has been designed with the unique characteristics of children in mind by Heys, as it incorporates several design features that benefit children.

Aside from the vividly printed Paw Patrol characters, our designers incorporated several children-specific feature. A very lightweight design, weighing in at a mere 3.7 lbs, means children and toddlers can easily wheel these fun cases around. In addition, the unique design of this case allows the wheels to protrude out. This protrusion gives the case a higher ground clearance which allows the case to roll over obstacles. They also feature our inline skate wheels that allow for effortless rolling in different terrains. It has a push-button telescopic trolley handle system that can easily be pushed in and out. It has a zipper closure system, that, when opened reveals a fully lined interior as well as a zippered divider for internal organization.

18" - 3.7 lbs – 1.73 kg

18" x 12.5" x 9" – 46cm x 32cm x 23cm

25.7 L

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