GTO 5.0 66cm

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The EPIC GTO 5.0 ExoSphere is the successor to the GTO 4.0. It is an obvious update further to improve the performance and features of the GTO. New with the GTO 5.0 is that the GTO is also now equipped with EPIC STANDARD™ wheel mounting. Of course, with robust but light double wheels on all sizes as standard, but if you want to customize your GTO, there is a large selection of wheels from EPIC Airspeed™ to buy.
With this innovation and refined details in the shell shape, the new GTO 5.0 is a world-class hard-wearing travel companion. The shell is made of 100% new Polycarbonate, on which lies EPIC's unique Exosphere™ surface, which makes the GTO extremely durable in an elegant, matte finish.

The GTO 5.0 has expanders on all sizes, making the bag flexible when packing. When you need that extra volume for those extra things, we somehow always bring them. The interior is flexible, with proper packing straps and a partition with extra pockets in mesh for clarity.

EPIC GTO 5.0 is also equipped with EPIC's best warranty. 7-year "Full Armor Warranty" covers third-party (read airlines!) damage to the shell during the warranty period.

• The outer casing of the EPIC GTO 5.0 suitcase is made of a very light and impact-resistant polymer called polycarbonate, which is often used for bulletproof glass or in such extreme applications as a fighter jet cockpit, and is naturally very strong and light.

• The outer surface of ExoSphere, with its matte finish, is a new and unique surface from EPIC. The ExoSphere is extremely scratch and impact resistant, while the design reduces weight and material usage, acting as a reinforcement for the entire suitcase.

• Key components of this suitcase have been updated to Airspeed, which is lightweight yet extremely strong and durable. Equipped with EPIC STANDARD™ wheel attachment. Of course, with robust but light double wheels on all sizes as standard.

• The size of the cabin bag is in SlimMAX format. This means you can have extra packing space when needed, but it fits most flight cabins with the expander function recessed.

• This hard suitcase from EPIC has a fully equipped unique G-force interior with straps, partitions and pockets.

• This suitcase comes in three sizes: cabin bag (S), medium suitcase (M) and large suitcase (L).                                                                                                                           
EPIC ® ExoSphere™                                                                                                             

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