Folding Umbrella TS.200 Slim Medium Duomatic

SKU: 17489


The bright unicolor TS.200 Solid Slim Medium Duomatic is an attention-getter on gloomy days! Form and function unite in this elegant Knirps umbrella.  High-quality materials, 95 % UV protection, and a shaft made of aluminium and steel guarantee you'll spend many happy years with this model. It packs up small so you can slip it into your briefcase.

Technical details

  • High quality material mix of aluminium, steel and fiberglass
  • Thanks to its medium size, it fits in any handbag.
  • Easy handling due to effortless open-close mechanism
  • Material of umbrella: 100% polyester
  • zipper on the case for simple storage of the umbrella.


  • Simple handling with bigger push button
  • Long stick comfortable to wear
  • Windtunnel tested and windproof
  • Medium-sized canopy; 6 ribs
  • Light pocket umbrella, medium size

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